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2011 Albion Science Education Trip
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2011 Albion Science Education Trip

Discovering the
Handwriting of the Creator


5th/6th Science Education Trip
Albion Field Station, Mendicino, CA
April 11-14, 2011

The theme song, How Great Is Our God, summed up the experience of the 5th and 6th graders’ outdoor education trip to the Albion Field Center at the heart of the majestic Mendocino coast. Their 4-day trip was packed with adventure and discovery of the amazing creations of our God, including tide pooling at Glass Beach; bird watching and identifying plants and flowers at the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse; discovering the difference between harbor seals and sea lions, then spying on a herd of harbor seals and their pups at McKerricher State Park; sighting two whales off the coast; hiking through the Pygmy Forest (counting banana slugs on the way for a total of 21) to the Redwood Forest, then ending at the beach; dissecting squid and holding sea critters; and so much more. The handwriting of our Creator’s love of beauty, diversity, sense of humor, and attention to detail were experienced through seeing, touching, smelling, and hearing His amazing creations, including sea star, chiton, abalone, urchin, anemone, limpet, sea cucumbers, periwinkle, iris, coral-root orchid, osprey, hawk, cormorant, hummingbird, and much, much more.

Monday - April 14

On Monday, we left school at around 6:30am arriving at Albion Field Station at noon. We met Mr. Wyrick, learned the rules and guidelines of the camp, and settled in. Soon we met in the lab to see and feel some of God's amazing creations from the sea. We dissected squid and then went out to find whatever interested us in the estuary.
Dissecting squid
     Searching for treasure in the estuary -- Look what we found!

Tuesday -- April 15

Today, we explored the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse, walked the bluffs identifying birds, flowers and plants, and sighted two whales off the coast. Later we drove to McKerricher State Park where we learned the difference between harbor seals and sea lions, watched a seal colony on the beach, and visited a skeleton of a blue whale.


 Walking along bluff identifying birds, flowers and plants

Playing games and learning the difference
between harbor seals and sea lions

Singing around the campfire

Wednesday - April 13

Exploring the tide pools at Glass Beach was a highlight of our trip. We discovered chiton, sea stars, urchin, sea anenomes, limpet, sea cucumbers and many, many crabs. Back at the lab, we did activities demonstrating how whale blubber helps whales float just the right amount.

 Exploring Tide Pools
Learning how whale blubber works

Thursday - April 14

Our 4-mile through the Pygmy Forest on to the Redwood Forest and finally reaching the beach gave many opportunities to identify fungus, lichen, plants, flowers, and more. We found and counted 21 banana slugs, crossed streams, walked through mud, and found a much appreciated (though stinky) outhouse. God's naturing was stunningly beautiful!

"How Great is Our God!"