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Mrs. Pappas 1st/2nd Grade Supplies List
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Mrs. Pappas 1st/2nd Grade Supplies List

Welcome to 1st & 2nd Grade
2016-2017 Supplies List
Following is a list of school supplies you will need to bring with you on the first day of school. We look forward to seeing you!
  1. 36 #2 pencils sharpened*
  2. 8 large glue sticks*
  3. 1 bottle white Elmer's Glue
  4. 3 rectangular erasers*
  5. 1 box of 12 Colored Pencils*
  6. 2 large containers of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes*
  7. 3 folders with 2 inside pockets (marked with your child's name on the outside top right)
  8. 5 Dry erase markers & eraser (marked with your child's name)
  9. 1 set of watercolor paints (marked with your child's name)
  10. Spill-proof water bottle (marked with your child's name)
  11. 1 regular sized pillow, with a pillow case (marked with your child's name)
  12. 1 deck of Uno Cards (please put child's name on each card)
  13. A 1" 3-ring binder (marked with your child's name)
  14. 1 - 5" x 8" Pencil Box (marked with your child's name)
  15. 1 pair of scissors (marked with your child's name)
  16. 1 paint shirt (used to protext your child's clothes during art)

 * These items will be collected and then used throughout the year as needed. Please label the remaining items with your child's name.

Please note: if your child would like to bring mechanical or special pencils, lead, special erasers, etc. besides what is listed above they need to be marked with their name and must fit inside of their pencil box.

Thank you!