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Nicole Eby, Kindergarten
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Nicole Eby, Kindergarten
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Radiating the love of Jesus to everyone she meets!

"I want to make every child feel valued as a person."  -- Niki Eby

Meet Nicole Eby, our new kindergarten teacher here at Orangevale SDA School. She is the wife of John Eby, a registered nurse providing nurse assessments for Mark Cimino at CiminoCare while starting his own senior placement agency to help the elderly find the best care facility to meet their needs. Niki also keeps busy as the mother of four young ones: Hannah in 4th grade, Caleb in 2nd grade, 3-year-old Benjamin, and 1-year-old Ella. (Funny fact about Niki is that she tended to have big babies that kept getting bigger - Hannah weighed in at 9 lbs., Caleb at 10 lbs., Benjamin at 11 lbs. until she got to little Ella who tried to enter the world too early leaving her mother flat in bed until she was born at 5 lbs.)

Niki grew up in Washington along with her two older sisters where she met and became good friends with Donna Frost (mother of 7th grader Enoch and 2nd grader Karsten). After graduating from high school and completing one year of community college, Niki worked as a colporteur group leader in Hawaii. After completing her first summer there in Hawaii, her director approached her with the idea of being a student missionary. Always up for an adventure, Niki agreed and took off for the Marshall Islands where she taught K-5 in a two-teacher school on the island of Carlos. She returned to the main island of Ebeye in the Marshall Islands the next year where she taught 20 1st graders in the morning and 20 more 1st graders in the afternoon. She continued to work as a colporteur during her summers. She spent two summers in Washington and three summers in Alaska.

Following God's plan for her life, Niki chose to continue her education at Southern Adventist University where she met her husband John. He was working as the Literature Ministries Director her third year there where she worked on his team. They moved to Hawaii where John worked for Hawaiian Mission Academy and Niki worked as a Bible worker at the Diamond Head SDA Church. They were married there shortly after and then returned to Tennessee where they had their first daughter, Hannah. After taking some time off, Niki returned to Southern and had Caleb while finishing up her studies there. She graduated in 2005 majoring in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Psychology.

With a passion for helping others, the Eby family ventured on a mission trip to Belize when Hannah was just 3 1/2 and Caleb was 18 months old where John worked on a medical/dental team and Niki taught a VBS. A favorite memory from Belize was seeing the brilliant blue Morpho Butterfly.

The Eby family recently moved from Bakersfield to join us here at Orangevale. God answered their prayers by providing them with a home with a big yard and a creek in the back (plenty of exploring for the kids). Nicole enjoys  nature, hiking, and many types of art including drawing, painting, and coloring. She looks forward to meeting everyone as she jumps into her first year here at Orangevale SDA School.

Welcome Mrs. Eby!