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Jennifer Pappas, 1st & 2nd Grades
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Jennifer Pappas, 1st & 2nd Grades
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Jennifer Pappas spent her grade school years first in La Grande, Oregon, then later in Grays Harbor, Washington when they moved for her 4th grade year. While there she grew to love the beach and forest, but disliked the large amounts of rain. So when her family later moved to Idaho, she was extremely happy to live in a sunnier place.
Jennifer attended Gem State Academy for four years. While there she played volleyball, basketball, and flute in the academy band. She enjoyed the many sports trips, music tours, and hanging out with friends in her free time.
 Jennifer knew she loved working with kids, and began her camp career at Sunset Lake Camp in Washington, the summer of 2004. After working there for three summers, one in food service, and two as a counselor, she came to California in 2007, where she worked at Leoni Meadows also as a camp counselor.

Leoni Meadows is where Jennifer met Chris Pappas. Her first summer there, she’d heard of Chris through a friend, and remembers their first meeting to be in a mixer game during staff training week, where they ended up in the same group because they used the same brand of toothpaste.
Near the end of summer Chris and Jennifer started to get to know one another, and continued their relationship long distance over the school year, since Jennifer was at Walla Walla University. They wrote letters, emails, and spent long hours on the phone. A year and a half later they were married at Leoni Meadows in 2009, just a week after Jennifer graduated from Walla Walla, with a degree in Elementary Education.
Jennifer has worked for the last four years at El Dorado Adventist School, doing whatever needs to be done: 3/4 PE, 3rd language arts/reading, 7th religion, 7/8 computers, 8th science, 5/6 reading, Library for K-6, and the high school Guidance Counselor.  While there Jennifer also started their drama program, and a high school girls JV volleyball team.
Chris and Jennifer live at Leoni Meadows, where they enjoy camping, backpacking, four wheeling, gardening, dirt biking/quad riding, snowboarding, hanging out with friends, identifying birds and wild plants, mission trips and working at camp. Jennifer also enjoys cooking, baking, cross-stitching, sewing, knitting/crocheting, reading, music, and really anything crafty and fun. She is also looking forward to spending time with her new niece and nephew come this fall.
Jennifer loves working with students, and believes that learning should be fun, active, creative, and hands-on. She wants to get students excited for learning and on fire for Jesus. Jennifer can’t wait for the new school year and is excited to be a part of the Orangevale School family!