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Instruction begins at 8:15 a.m.  Students arriving anytime after 8:15 a.m. must check in at the office and receive a classroom entrance pass prior to entering the classroom.  Punctuality is expected of our students.  Please commit to having your child(ren) to school on time.  Tardiness denies students the opportunity to maximize instructional time.  Late-arriving students disrupt class and ongoing instruction.  Each quarter students will be recognized for outstanding attendance.  To receive this honor a student shall have no more than 2 tardies and/or absences, combined.
Parents of students who receive their 5th tardy, per quarter, will receive a written notice from the administration, followed by verbal contact.  A student will be suspended for 2 days following his/her 9th tardy per quarter.  Upon receiving his/her 12th tardy per quarter, the student will be suspended for a minimum of 4 days.  Reentry to school will be granted following a successful meeting between the parents and school board.

An excused tardy will be granted when the office receives a note signed by your student’s medical care provider.  Excused tardies, granted only for medical appointments, will not be counted toward the school’s accountability policy.
Should the need arise for a student to be absent for multiple days, we expect the student to dutifully work toward as much completion of the assigned materials as possible during his/her absence.  The parents are to notify the teacher in advance, so as much class work as is reasonable can be assigned and sent with the student.
Learning is more than doing an assignment.  Learning goes beyond written work (i.e., discussions, interactive group activities, critical think times, behavioral training, etc.).  Many things learned in school cannot be made up.
Any time a student is absent from the classroom, part of the academic learning will not be retrievable.  Parents are encouraged to use much discretion when removing their child(ren) from the classroom.  Teachers will do their reasonable best to help toward completion of makeup work.  However, the responsibility rests with the parents and student.
Any time a student will be leaving school other than at the regular dismissal time, a signed note from parents should be sent with the student to notify the teacher so he/she can plan accordingly.  Also, when you pick up your student, please go to the office to sign your student out.
If a student will be leaving school with someone besides the parent, written and signed permission needs to be sent by the parent.  The individual (if unfamiliar to the staff) must present picture identification.