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Student Responsibilities
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Student Responsibilities
Mrs. Altman and her kindergartners--calling for God to intervene on their behalf.

It is the responsibility of each student to uphold and abide by the Christian philosophy and standards of this school.  If a student continually refuses to fully cooperate, with the rules of this school, he/she will be asked to withdraw and seek education elsewhere.

The following are NOT acceptable:

  • Disrespect to teachers and staff

  • The use or promotion of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

  • Lewd and/or vulgar language

  • Items brought from home, including toys, books, magazines, etc.

  • iPods/MP3 players, and any other type of electronic devices

  • Matches, knives, firearms, squirt guns, or weapons of any kind

  • Laser pointers

  • Gum

  • Physical aggression toward others

  • Behavior that degrades a healthy Christian environment

  • Derogatory words, actions, or attitudes toward members of the opposite gender

  • Display of romantic affections

  • Selling things to other students

Students who strive to cooperate rarely find themselves    worrying about the requirements of the school.