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Junior High



Encouraging the highest level of respect for members of the opposite gender

A Winning Combination





Junior high is a fun-filled and adventurous time. 

The energy, devotion, and encouragement of both Mr. Davis and Mrs. Burger have proven to be a winning combination as our 7th and 8th graders experience a complete junior high program -- strong math and language arts curriculum, hands-on science, excellent use of technology, healthy physical activity, social integrity, ownership, and responsibility.


The staff does their upmost to help each student take charge of his/her life more and more. Each morning, following a Godly devotional and a few laps around the gym to get the endorphines working, each student is encouraged to follow his/her schedule, stay focused when it is think time, maximize his/her time efficiency, and be diligent in all things. The goal of the junior high program is to work hard during the week, complete all that is required, go home with no schoolwork, and get recharged to start again the following week.

Respect and courtesy are a high priority at Orangevale SDA School -- the boys allow the girls to go first at lunch, and the girls are encouraged to say thank you.

Math Acceleration Potential


Establishing strong math skills.

Time has shown that graduates earning an A or B in Mr. Davis's math class at Orangevale will be at the top of their class in high school math. In addition, a complete Algebra I class is offered to students who test ready.

Insect and Bird Science Field Studies


Excitement is in the air each year as Mr. Davis's students head into nature with either a bug net or binoculars, attempting to identify many, many insects or birds. Alternating each year, either the Insect or the Bird Field Studies provide the students with an unforgettable learning experience that lasts.

A love of nature is truly discovered!











Here and Now Bible


Developing their own relationships with Jesus.

Exploring what the Bible means to them personally and how to apply it to their daily lives keep our 7th and 8th graders engrossed in lively discussions and meaningful debates. Mrs. Burger guides students through this critical time in their lives to discover a personal relationship with God.


Literature and Socratic Circles


As a variety of intriguing literature is read, Mrs. Burger inspires students to compose their own open-ended questions for discussion as they form Socratic Circles, empowering them to critically consider different views and analyze multiple meanings.

Encouraging students:

To become thinkers and not mere reflectors of others' thoughts

A time to get into the hearts and minds of our students.       



Becoming Heroes to Younger Ones

Once a week the junior high students work one-on-one with their "study buddies," providing them with individual tutoring, helping them with art projects, and creating positive bonds.

The older students discover that life is better when they take an interest in the younger ones.










Falcons are the most polite and kind athletes, no
matter what!

 Junior High Sports

In sports, emphasis is placed on supporting the team, being diligent, challenging their athletic skills, and encouraging each other, no matter what. Sports is not about who wins or loses. If junior high students wish to participate with sports and are willing to be diligent with practices, they certainly will get to play. The Orangevale Falcons interact with other schools playing flag football in the fall, volleyball around the holiday season, and basketball during the winter months.

Junior high sports is about participation and the team, not about who is the greatest.










Junior High Extras


Educational Trips to Utah and Catalina Island

The outdoor education trips are highlights to the junior high years, alternating between the geological trip to the Arches National Park in Utah one year and the marine biology trip to Catalina Island the other year. The Utah trip includes exploring and hiking in Arches National Park, mountain biking in the Canyonlands, horse trail riding in the desert biome, visiting Mesa Verde National Park's ancient cliff dwelling sites in Colorado, experiencing the Colorado River firsthand, and soaking up God's goodness for a week. The Catalina trip includes ocean kayaking, snorkeling, and studying marine invertebrates, mammals, and plant life. This Christ-centered program emphasizes loving others, breaking our fears, and making the world a better place wherever we are.


Creating fun, lifelong memories!




Junior High Drama
The  liveliness of casting parts, the anticipation of designing the set, the support expressed for each other, and the memorization of lines are all part of the process of putting together a drama production. Traditionally, the junior high students have been involved with two drama productions each year, one for the Christmas program and a more extensive one in the spring. They work as a team, seeking to portray an aspect of life, often in a lighthearted way. An added dose of adolescent energy is in the air when performance day arrives.

Words of encouragement couldn't come at a more conducive time.

Thank you God, for these great young people to work with!




People are more important than the game


Falcons are the most polite and kind athletes,
 no matter what



Check out the video of Falcons Flag Football