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What Makes Us Special


God is sovereign

"Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33




► The Bible is our creed and source of guidance.

► The Holy Spirit is our Master Teacher.

► Our weekly chapels illustrate our belief that we get more out of everything
     because we spent 30 minutes with God. 





Our caring staff


► Through fervent daily prayer our staff seeks God's intervention on behalf of each student.

► Our staff desires to build up each student personally through hugs, high-fives, and words of encouragement.

► Teachers go above and beyond the school day providing weekly study halls offering individualized instruction, time to make up tests and assignments, and a quiet, low-stress environment to learn.

► Teachers regularly pursue new methods to help students learn -- tips for test-taking anxiety, retention techniques, differentiated learning styles, focusing skills, and training in preparation for evaluations.


Our outstanding academics & electives

► Standardized testing shows two things:

       •  As a group our students increase substantially more than one grade level each year.
       •  The more years a student attends our school the more their academic increase grows





► A variety of outdoor education trips are provided for 4th-8th.

► Junior high sports are available to both boys and girls -- flag football, volleyball, and basketball.

► Junior high drama performance opportunities are also offered.

► Every classroom utilized its own computer lab.

► An outdoor playground provides fun with climbing structures, bars, swings,
basketball hoops, and dodgeball, kickball, four-square, and hopscotch games.

► An 1/8 mile track surrounds our grassy football and soccer field.

Attractive new facility and campus

► Well-designed, comfortable classrooms feature natural lighting from skylights and large windows.
► Age-appropriate libraries complement each classroom.
► A centralized gymnasium includes a performing arts stage and kitchen.







Baptismal Class



A message from our Conference President:

Our children are a precious gift. We are entrusted with their care, their well-being on all levels, and helping to prepare them for the future. An important part of what we provide for our children is a solid education that prepares them not only for life here and now but also for life to come. I’m thankful that the Orangevale Adventist School is committed to excellence and offers the best in education. Being a smaller school means that there is a great deal of personalized attention on each child. Being a values-based Christian campus means there is a positive focus on educating the heart as well as the mind. I would encourage you to dialogue with the administration and staff as you consider Orangevale Adventist School for the education needs of your family.
James E. Pedersen,
Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists