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Welcome to 1st Grade


2024 - 2025 Supplies List



Parents, please take note of the brands, if listed. They have been selected because they have proved to work more effectively and/or are more durable. Thank you for helping us prepare for a successful school year!

- Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers 10 Classic Colors
- Crayola Colored Pencils Set of 12
- Scissors
- Elmer’s Glue Sticks pack of 12
- Elmer's 4oz white School Glue
- Crayola Watercolor Set of 16
- Pencil Box (with your child’s name on it)
- Pre-sharpened #2 pencils 12 count
- 1 white Hi Polymer block eraser

- Individual pencil sharpener
- 2 1 ½ inch binders
- 1 spill proof water bottle (to keep at their desk)
- 3 3 hole pocket folders
- 1 Expo Dry Erase Set Fine Tip assorted colors. (kit comes with markers and
- 3 75 count pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes Bleach Free.
- Headphones (1 pair)


Below you will find some directions for how to make the first day of school as smooth as possible.


Inside your pencil box please put:

- 2 sharpened #2 pencils
- color pencils
- scissors
- 2 glue sticks
- 2 dry erase markers
- 1 dry eraser
- 1 white block eraser
- Individual pencil sharpener

*If you could put all other loose supplies (pencils, dry erase markers, watercolor paints, white school glue, markers, and headphones etc.) in a Gallon Ziplock bag with your child’s name on it I would greatly appreciate it.

*All other large supplies will be organized when you arrive at school.


Each child will have their own cubby and organizational cabby to store their school supplies in and make them easily accessible. Let’s do our best to keep our classroom clean, happy, and full of big smiles! I look forward to being your kiddo’s first grade teacher!

Thank you for helping us prepare for a successful school year! See you soon,

Office: 916-988-4310

Thank you!