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Welcome to Kindergarten


2018 - 2019 Supplies List


Needed Shared Supplies

- 12 standard pencils

- 1 large pink eraser

- 1 box 8 pack Crayola* crayons

- 3 packs (3 or more) Elmers* glue sticks

- One 4fl.oz. bottle of Elmers* liquid glue

- One 1” Binder with clear pocket on front

- 100 clear sheet protectors

- One 8-pack Crayola* fine tip classic color Markers

- One 8-pack Crayola* broad tip classic color Markers

- One 8-pack Crayola* classic color colored pencils

- One set of Crayola* paints


Personal Supplies

- One change of clothing (in large ziplock bag labeled with child’s name)

- One reusable water bottle (labeled with child’s name)

- Optional blanket and pillow for rest time (Please no toys)


Extra Shared Supplies – Not required I already have some


- 1 container of Antibacterial wipes

- My first chunky pencils

- Pencil sharpener and erasers

- Child sized scissors

- Pack of PLAYDOUGH brand dough any color

- one 8 pack other Crayola* Markers (NOT the classic colors. For example; neon, bold, metallic, tropical, etc.)


If you have any questions please feel free to call, text, or email anytime!

Blessing, Mrs. Mapa

(530) 497-0147

*Please buy these specific brand name items. I have found that the other brands dry out or break much easier. Thank you.