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Welcome to 5th and 6th Grade

2022- 2023 Supplies List


Following is a list of school supplies you need to bring with you on the first day of school.

We look forward to seeing you!


 4 Folders (The kind with pockets on the inside)

 3 packages lined notebook paper (college ruled preferred/wide rule ok)

 4 Dry erase markers and eraser

 4 Mechanical pencils 0.5 or 0.7 mm (with plenty of lead refills)

 1 Pencil Box—for cubby (roughly 5 x 8 inches)

 1 Pencil Box (roughly 5 x 8 inches) or Pencil Case/Bag—for desk

 Set of 24 (or more) colored pencils

 Crayola Super Tips Markers (20 or 50 pack)

 Pencil Sharpener (old fashioned manual sharpener where the shavings are enclosed, nothing fancy, no battery powered please)

 Scissors (Fiskars style, need to have some kind of point, no little scissors)

 2 White Erasers (Pentel High-Polymer block eraser—white)

 6 Elmer’s Purple Glue sticks

 1 Bottle Elmer’s White Glue (4 oz)

 1 package 3x5 cards

 Returning students— Your Green School Bible

 4 Black Fine Point Sharpies

 4 Black Ultra-Fine Point Sharpies

Water bottle with secure lid 1 box of plastic forks & spoons (to be left in student’s cubby)

 8 oz. bottle of Hand Sanitizer (Regular/fragrance-free please)

 2 Large boxes of Kleenex** (with lotion)

 4 Large containers of Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes**

 Ziploc Bags (5th Girls—quart size, 5th Boys—sandwich size, 6th—gallon size)


**Items to be collected and distributed as needed.