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Welcome to 2nd Grade

2020 - 2021 Supplies List

Following is a list of school supplies you will need to bring with you on the first day of school. We look forward to seeing you!

Parents, please take note of the brands, if listed. They have been selected because they have proved to work more effectively and/or are more durable.


Mrs. Innocent's
2nd Grade Supply List


Please label each of the items below and send with your child ON THE FIRST DAY of school. 

- NON-METAL Water Bottle (Metal tends to fall and squish little toes. NO LARGER than 8 oz.) 

- Colored pencils
- Pencils (Not mechanical-they become toys) 

- Child's scissors (Fiskar's recommended)

- 2" eraser or pencil top erasers
White school glue (Like Elmer's)
- 2 glue sticks
- Small pencil box NO LARGER than 6X8"
- 48 or 64 crayon box
- No binders please (They take up too much room.)

I appreciate your help in providing your child with the necessary tools to start their school year. Preparation is one of the keys to success!