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Welcome to 4th Grade


2022 - 2023 Supplies List


Supply List

Pack your backpack to get ready for a year of adventure and travel!


1. 3 - Pocket folders (needs 2 bottom pockets on the inside) *

2. 1 – pkg college ruled binder paper *

3. 2 -LARGE boxes of Kleenex brand tissue (anti-viral if available)

4. 2 – large Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes (please no substitute brands)

5. Hand sanitizer for at your desk (fragrance free please)

6. 5 - Mechanical pencils 0.7mm (with plenty of refill lead)

7. Ear buds in travel soap container for easy storage or headphones

8. White art eraser

9. Pencil sharpener (old fashioned manual sharpener where the shavings are enclosed, nothing fancy, no battery powered please)

10. Scissors (Fiskar style, need to have some kind of point, not little kid scissors)

11. Colored pencils, (no markers please, crayons not needed)

12. 10 Dry erase markers & 1 eraser

13. Backpack

14. Spill-proof water bottle

15. Current picture of student

*These items are collected and then used throughout the year as needed. Please label the remaining items with your child’s name.